ANBES Soldering Iron Kit 60W Adjustable Temperature Welding Tool

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  • Soldering Iron with On/Off Switch – The adjustable temperature soldering iron can be rapidly heated in 30 seconds, featuring on/off switch and LED indicator makes it energy saving and ensure safe welding. Just turn it off if you done of using it. The insulating silica gel cover can effectively protect the iron from overheating or dropping.
  • Upgrade for Soldering Pump & Mustimeter – The soldering pump (solder Sucker) possess an aluminum bronze frame and a high pressure vacuum which can remove solder from the printed circuit board effectively. Easy-to-use digital mustimeter for measuring dais voltage, DC and AC current, resistance, transistors and continuity test. Measuring instrument with function of data hold and read on large LCD.
  • 15-In-1 Soldering Kit – Soldering kit comes with a soldering iron, disordering pump, 2 soldering tips, tin wire tube, soldering iron stand, Tweezers, wire Stripper Cutter, 2 electronic wire, digital mustimeter, 2 mustimeter pens, precision pocket screwdriver with 8 screws, and PU carry bag.
  • Heat Up Quickly and Heat Dissipation Efficiency – The 110V 60W soldering iron adopts patented ceramic-core induction technology, fast heats up, adjustable temperature with large venting holes, and a durable heating Element, and its steel-pipe design has better heat dissipation than others in this filed. Thermostat range of 392℉ to 842℉ (200℃-450℃), dissipates heat quickly – and cools down in a Flash.
  • Application – The soldering iron and the mustimeter has FCC and RoHS certification, contains no Toxic or polluting elements, can be applied on Dyer, various repaired usage of electronics and chip boards, welding, jewelry, guitar, watches, wiring, mobile device, computers hardware, Small electronic work, TV capacitors or accessories. The PU carry bag is rather convenient to store small tools.
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Warm Tips:

1. Please switch to the 200℃ model when not using and please do not keep the soldering iron stay at high temperature all the time, which makes it easy for the iron core to accelerate oxidation and burn out, shortening its life.

2. When welding, do not apply too much pressure, otherwise the tip will be damaged. As long as the tip can fully contact the solder joint, heat can be transferred.

3. Please melt a little solder wire on the tip of soldering iron after use, if there is black oxide on the tip, the tip may not be tinned and must be cleaned firstly.

ON/OFF Switch

Makes it energy saving and ensure safe welding, extend the service life of the soldering iron.

Adjustable Temperature

The soldering iron can adjust the temperature between 200℃ – 450℃(392℉ – 842℉), you can adjust to the proper soldering temperature.

Soldering Stand

The soldering iron stand can effectively protect the iron from being ironed at high temperature or the iron tips dropping on the ground, ensure welding safety.

Heat Quickly & Cools Down In a Flash

Inner-heated ceramic technology greatly improves working efficiency and steel-pipe design has better heat dissipation than others

AC/DC Voltage Test

Anbes multimeter is designed to check DC and AC voltage. Handy for automotive or household electrical problems.

Battery Test

Using the multimeter, you can test voltage of batteries and current of 1.5v and 9v battery.

Resistance Test

Feature with function of resistance detecting, makes it easy to measure resistance.


Additional information

Weight 1.55 kg
Dimensions 27 × 18 × 7 cm

Soldering iron kit




200℃ – 450℃(392℉ – 842℉)