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ANBES 358 Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds, Anbes Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds 16H Playtime Deep Bass Stereo Sound Wireless Headphones, in-Ear Headset Anti-Slid Design with Built-in Microphone Hands-Free Calls

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Product Description

Wireless Earbuds, Anbes Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds 16H Playtime Deep Bass Stereo Sound Wireless Headphones, in-Ear Headset Anti-Slid Design with Built-in Microphone Hands-Free Calls

【Superb  Sound Quality】 -- HD stereo & deep bass sound, Clear high & low volume makes you don't want to quit listening when play music. The wireless earbuds equipped with bluetooth 5.0 chips enabled devices up to 33 feet away and stable connection, low latency. There's no wire will be entangled together, you won't be bothered by the entangled wire like other non-tws earbuds.

【One Step Pairing】 -- The wireless earbuds will automatically turn on and connect to your phone when removed from the charging case, but you need to manual select ANBES 358 on the bluetooth list of your phone when the first connection. Automatically turn off and charge when put back in the case. You don’t even need any skills to use earbuds.

【16 Hours Playtime】-- Each earphone has built-in 60mAh rechargeable battery, Up to 4 hours for music play from a single charge (adequate for home/office/sports with little noise interference). The portable designed charging case has a built-in 500mAh large capacity battery, which can support 4 times fully charging for the wireless earbuds. Never worry about running out of power too soon.

【Perfect Fit Your Ears】-- The earbuds with silicone stripes case which can prevent falling off when you’re sweating. Also, Extremely light weight and mini in-ear design with 3 pairs of ear tips in different sizes, you can choose the size suitable for your ears to ensure more comfortable to wear and improve the experience on sports.

【After Sale Service】-- 30 DAYS RETURN GUARANTEE and 1 YEAR WARRANTY, we have confident in our products, but if there's any problem please write to us directly at the buyer center or support email, or leave a feedback to us. We will provide you the best customer service to make sure you are satisfied. Don't hesitate to buy our ANBES Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds.

Bluetooth Specification: 5.0

Transmission Distance: 33ft

Earbuds Battery: 60mAh

Charging Case Battery: 500mAh

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Earbuds Charging Time: 1 Hour

Battery life: 4 hours per full charge

Charging case recharge times: 4 times

Q: Pairing failed.


  Put the earbuds back to the charging case and make sure that they are off.

  Take the earbuds out of the case at the same time and they will       automatically power on.

  Wait that the indicator of both earbuds flash white rapidly and earbuds enter pairing mode.

  Choose "ANBES 358" in your phone to pair.

 If the pairing still fails, check the following points:

 • Make sure the earbuds and your Bluetooth device are next to each other or within 3 feet and there are no obstacles between.

 • There are no signal interference nearby (check the question "Connection is not stable" for signal interference conditions).

 • Try to reboot your Bluetooth device.

Q: Earbuds are connected to phone A now, but I want to pair earbuds with phone B, and disconnect with phone A (How to reset the earbuds?) :


• Turn off the earbuds by long pressing the MFB buttons for 5 seconds.

 Press the MF buttons till the indicator on the left earbud flashes white rapidly, meaning that the earbuds enter pairing mode.

 Choose "ANBES 358" in phone B to pair.

Q: Why no sound play when ANBES 358 are connected to my PC via Bluetooth?


   You may need to change the default audio output on your PC to "Bluetooth Headset".

   Close all media applications in your PC (such as Windows Media Player).
  Open 'Control Panel' > 'Sounds and Audio Devices' > 'Audio'.

 •  Change the default output device to 'Bluetooth Headset' in Sound playback.

Q: How to set for Dual Pairing ( One earbud connects with two devices simultaneously)?


Dual Pairing is supported only with single earbud ( L or R).

  Choose one earbud and turn it on, and meanwhile make sure the other one is off. Then you can connect your device A with the earbud you choose (ANBES 358 for L or ANBES 358R for R).

  Then turn off the Bluetooth of device A, and pair your earbud with device B.

  Finally turn on the Bluetooth of device A, now dual pairing is activated.

Note: The earbud only support one device of playing or talking at the same time when in dual pairing mode.


Q: Connection is not stable.


ANBES Bluetooth apply wireless transmission tech and signals can be affected by obstacles, which results in intermittent sound of earbuds, the circumstances are as follows:

 • The distance between the earbuds and your Bluetooth device exceeds 33 feet.

 Signal transmission was blocked by obstacles or human body.

 Affected by high-power electronic devices nearby.

 • There are other Bluetooth devices accessable nearby. To resume stable connection between ANBES earbuds and your Bluetooth device, try to avoid the above conditions and do the pairing again following the steps in "Pairing Failed".

Q: Power runs out too fast.


The earbuds playtime varies depending on the volume level and audio content. The following conditions may cause fast power consumption:

 • When the charging case is out of power and you put the earbuds back into the case, the earbuds will not turn off automatically.

To avoid unwanted power consumption, turn off the earbuds manually.

 • When the earbuds are being charged in the charging case and the charging case is out of power, the earbuds will turn on automatically.

To avoid unwanted power consumption, turn off the earbuds manually.

Q:Why cant the left and right earbuds connect with each other?


The two earbuds will connect with each other automatically if you took them out of the charging box at the same time. If they don't, please follow these tips to reconnect them.

 • Put them in the charging box and take them out at the same time again.

  If step 1 doesn't work, please click the multifunctional button of earbuds at the same time until LED indicator flash white and also a voice prompt indicating the two earpieces have connected with each other and ready for connection of your devices.

  If both of the above steps don't work, please contact our customer service to get a replacement/refund.